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Last night, Graham and I had the pleasure of attending a U2 concert with my parents. It was as good as you might imagine. I was a little nervous about the show, in light of recent events in Manchester. However, security was definitely increased, and the concert went off without a hitch, much to my relief. This was my first time seeing my "favorite band" in concert.
Is U2 really ​my favorite band? No. . . but I'll explain why I've labeled them as such. Back in college, on my first day of a three semester program, where I would take classes with the same 20 people each day, we were asked who our favorite band was. This was an ice-breaker to get to know one another. I could have said Snow Patrol, Jimmy Eat World, Red Hot Chili Peppers, or any number of bands I really loved. . . However, I had just spent the entire summer borrowing my dad's iPod which only had two CDs downloaded on it: U2 and Lady Gaga. So, under pressure, when it was my turn to answer the question, I blurted out U2. For the next year and a half, different events would arise in class (U2 music videos being played, U2 coming to Austin, etc.), and my classmates always pointed out whatever U2 relevant facts they could muster. So, I vowed to learn as many U2 songs as I could to live up to my 'lie'. Truth be told, I really do like U2, so last night really was a blast!
​The Lumineers were the opening act, and they knocked it out of the park. They played favorites like 'Ho Hey', 'Stubborn Love', 'Ophelia', and 'Angela' (wonder why I like that one ;)). Then, U2 came on and played a 2 hour set. I think my favorite song of theirs is probably "With or Without You", but it's hard to pick just one. Everyone was singing along, and the fanfare was incredible. It was a night to remember!
I think Lila enjoyed the concert too; she was kicking me into the wee hours of the night.
​Harper got to stay home and play with her Mimi (and Uncle Ross & Aunt Jana too!), and she didn't wake up until 9:30 this morning! This preggo mama will take all the sleeping in she can get these days!
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Hey there! My name is Angela Haggard. I've been married about three and a half years to my awesome husband, Graham. We have an almost two-year-old, Harper, and we've got a second baby on the way! I taught kindergarten for 3 years, but I am blessed to get to take a break so I can be a full-time momma and wife. Writing has always been passion; I'm the daughter of an English teacher. It's how I create, how I process, how I learn. So, I figured in this ever-evolving new chapter of life, however chaotic it may become, I am going to share this life of mine online. Here it goes...